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How to make a good promotion online? 

How to make a good promotion online? 

By on Nov 2, 2015 in Internet, Marketing |

1 Link you to relevant websites and blogs.

2 Leave comments on relevant sites .Comments should be useful, extensive and to attract attention.

3 Stay in touch with bloggers from your industry. The better you are with bloggers, the more they would prefer to link to you or share your content.

4 Contact companies with similar activities (sites)! Having a business relationship where you promote each other, can be helpful.

Googledoodle5 Add an address and phone number on every page of your site. Best if you put information in the footer. In this way, you will let Google the place of your business and you will be ranked higher for the local search.

6 Create links to local and industry directories!  The largest number of directories has no value, but a dozen links from such sites from small local directory can’t hurt.

7 Remove the low-quality backlinks. If you lower the quality of the links, you can “tell” Google that they are not taken into account by using the “disavow” tools.

8 Ask your customers to your reviews on Google + and local directories. Positive ratings will improve your ranking on Google.

9 Be open and friendly. Show your individuality, connect with people. Show that you are alive and that your company is made up of people.

10 Be active on social networks. Post interesting and educational activities.

tweet_311 Allow easy sharing on social networks. Implement the “Like”, “Tweet”, “+1” button on your site.

12 Small enterprises can achieve a better ranking than large companies. Good strategy, small companies can achieve better results than large firms.

13 Learn what a good rank is. Through the Google webmaster tools review of which you get asked a visitor.

14 Aim to be in the top 3, not only in the top 10. If your site is not among the top 3 positions, the chance that a user visits your site is less than 10%.

15 Good positions are not critical. The number of pages that is located on a first side becomes meaningless if visitors do not go to these sites and eventually become your customers. So create good titles and target descriptions.

16 Do not worry about PageRank. Sites with low PR can and often overtaken Sites with higher PR in the search results.

17 Each site must be easily found in maximum 3 clicks from the homepage.

18 Use heading tags. Include a variety of variations of your keywords in the H1 and H2 tags

19 Use the rich snippets. They provide searchers additional information about your site, about your company and influence for the better the ranking.

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20 Optimize your pictures. Put your keywords in alt tags, but just in case if you are really relevant for your image. Otherwise, please provide a realistic description.

21 Optimize your site for mobile devices. The benefits are great, users with mobile devices will go unsatisfied with your site, and Google will appreciate that and increase your ranking.

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